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These days it is very difficult to view a sign website and know if the company is really an expert in signage manufacturing and ADA compliance. So many sites today are just a front for resellers or companies working out of a garage. You can be rest assured this isn’t the case with SignCollection.com, a division of Allen Markings International. We have been in business since 1874. For more than 130 years, we have taken pride in the quality products we make, the exceptional service we provide and the decades of business with our loyal customers.

I encourage you to explore our website, check out our sign collections and see for yourself how easy it is to order custom signs.

While we are very proud of our website, we understand that sometimes you want to talk to a “real” person. Our SignDesign Team is here to assist with your signage needs or regulatory questions.

At SignCollection.com our commitment is simple; to overwhelm you with quality, service and value. Unlike many of our competitors, who offer a $20 sign, that ends up costing $50, we never nickel and dime you or add confusing or hidden charges. We focus on small details, like never charging you for mounting materials. We know you need to hang the sign, so we include your choice of mounting method. We don’t charge you for each letter on your sign. Blank signs don’t serve much of a purpose, so our signs include all the text that can fit on the sign you order. We don’t want you to like your signs when they arrive; we want you to love them!

Remember; never settle for just a sign, when you can have a SignCollection!.


Ed Mellgren III
VP and General Manager

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