Restroom Signs - Sign Collection

Bathroom signs might be something that most of us take for granted as an incredibly mundane part of being in public. The truth is, mundane as they are, washroom signs are essential to the operation of a functioning society.

At, we manufacture and sell all sorts of signs. Since our founding in 1874, we've become accustomed to the signage that directs our lives, and that includes restroom signs. It's a type of visual communication that nearly every business needs at least one of and we can be relied on to accommodate that need.

While most restroom signage is of a basic nature, indicating whether it is for men or women, there's no reason that you can't get creative with a restroom sign. In fact, some establishments make a point of installing quirky bathroom door signs as a way to carry a theme or image over from the rest of the building. Patrons always notice an unusual bathroom sign. is proud to be a fully ADA compliant sign manufacturer. This is especially important when ordering signs online. Many sites claim to be current on their implementation of ADA regulated signage, but in fact are not. It is extremely important to your business to have your restroom signs up to code regarding aspects such as Braille.

So when you need a ladies restroom sign, mens restroom sign or a family bathroom sign, look no further than We've got a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes and styles and an easy online ordering process. Contact us today! 1130 Elmwood Avenue Kansas City, Missouri 64127 Phone: 877-286-5667