ADA Signage Designer

When you need to have ADA compliant signs for your business, the usual route that is taken is one where ready-made signs are employed. What if, however, you need custom signs for some of the spaces in your place of business? Would you find another sign maker that specializes in customized signs, or should you look for a manufacturer that specializes in both ADA compliant signage and custom sign creation?

Most of the manufacturers who specialize in both sign types often have their own sign designers on hand, and for a good reason. While most companies who request for signs for their buildings have their own in-house designers to create designs for the signs that they need, there is no guarantee that these in-house artists know all the ins and outs of ADA rules. This can open a company up to not only errors in the creation of what should be compliant signs, but also to additional costs should they go with these designs and have these made by sign companies that are equally clueless to all the nuances of ADA signage.

This is where a company that specializes in the creation of both ADA signs and custom signs comes in handy, and why it is prudent for you to ask for the assistance of their designers for these. The sign designers employed by signage companies who create customized ADA signs are well-versed in the many guidelines that cover the creation of these government regulated signs. Not only are these designers aware of all the rules for these, but they also know which rules apply to which signs.

Some people may not be aware of this, but not all of the custom signs you need for your establishment have to follow the same set of rules for compliance. Some of these signs can even be made without the need to conform to such rules. It is this variation in the sets of rules that need to be adhered to that throw some signage manufacturers, and signage designers for that matter, for a loop.

As for the question as to whether you should trust your signage designs to the sign designer that a sign customizing company employs, this is rather dependent on the skill and knowledge of these professionals. You might want to ascertain first if the company you are going to trust your signs to can guarantee that their designers have the kind of knowledge needed to create totally compliant signs for you. If you are given a guarantee by the sign company you are planning on working with that their designers do know what they are doing, and are willing to back this claim up with a revision or replacement of signs that are found to be non-compliant, then you should definitely entrust your ADA signage designs to these people.

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