ADA Compliant Signs

Going to the mall is a very common occurrence, and is considered one of the most common things people these days do on a regular basis. With your constant forays into these retail establishments, you will notice that, no matter what mall you go to wherever in the US (or in any other country for that matter), you will find that majority of the signs in each one look rather similar.

We are not talking about the signs that tell you what store you are entering, or what restaurant you are standing in front of. We are talking about the other signs, the ones that people often discount until these are needed. These are the signs that are also seen in many other buildings that the public go to, and are often discounted as well since these are so commonplace in the eyes of the people. These are ADA compliant signs.

What are the most commonly seen ADA compliant signs in the mall, and elsewhere for that matter? Probably the number one sign that most people will easily recognize are bathroom signs. Believe it or not, these are not made in almost identical designs everywhere because people are lazy or just want an easy to recognize sign for these facilities (although that is one of the reasons why these seldom look different from other signs that are used for restrooms), but because there are rules to be followed for the creation of these signs, as there are for other ADA compliant signs.

The reason why the pictograms you see on bathroom signs are almost identical everywhere (with a few tweaks here and there for humor by some businesses) is due to the fact that the law mandates it. You will also notice that these signs also come in rather distinct color combinations that actually make the characters on the sign easier to distinguish from its background. This is no coincidence. Rules have also been made to ensure that these color contrasts used for ADA signage are in shades that make it easy for people to see and read what is on the sign.

Another sign that you may commonly see in malls everywhere is the handicap parking sign. Although this sign is used in other places besides the parking lot, you will notice that these signs carry the same pictogram as well. The wheelchair symbol, otherwise known as the International Symbol for Accessibility or ISA, is a pictogram used to show people where accessibility options can be found.

You will find this particular symbol being used to reserve parking spots for vehicles that carry people with disabilities, and on ramps that show everyone where accessibility ramps can be found. These very same pictograms can also be seen on the doors of bathrooms that have cubicles made specifically for the use of those in wheelchairs (these are bigger than regular bathroom stalls and come with grab bars and other useful features), as well as on the doors of the cubicles themselves.

These are not the only ADA compliant signs you will find in malls. Those signs that you see marking stairwells, doors that lead to closets, and even those signs that you see on elevators with the dots on them (these dots are Braille translations), are also ADA compliant signage. These follow the rules set by the government for compliance and for equality, and as such, all signs that are used in public places, like malls, have to follow such a set of rules.

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