Complying with the ADA regulations is essential if you own a business. With the ideal ADA restroom signs, you can offer a sense of comfort to your customers because they are familiar with these symbols so they can find the restroom quickly. Here are six of the most common types of ADA restroom signs you can choose from for your business.

Standard Restroom Sign

A standard restroom sign typically has the universal symbol for a woman alongside the universal symbol for a man. You can use this in your business to show the way to the restroom area. It’s also commonly used if there is a unisex bathroom in the area.

Women’s Restroom Sign

With this restroom sign, there is the universal symbol for a woman with the word “Women” underneath the picture. You can even have the Braille spelling for “Women” so all of your customers will be able to find the ladies room when they are looking for it.

Men’s Restroom Sign

Just like the women’s restroom sign, the men’s ADA restroom sign features the universal symbol for a man. Underneath the symbol, there is usually the word “Man” printed in white letters so there is no confusion. Also, the Braille spelling of “Man” can be included underneath the symbol for your customers who are sightless.

Men’s ISA Sign

If you want your clients and customers to feel extra comfortable at your establishment, you can have ISA signs to indicate where the restrooms are located. A men’s ISA sign shows the universal symbol for a man with a symbol of a person in a wheelchair. This indicates that the bathroom has stalls that are designed for customers who use a wheelchair so they know they can go inside and do what they need to do without a major problem.

Women’s ISA Restroom Sign

The Women’s ISA restroom sign is just like the men’s sign except it has the symbol for a woman on it. It also includes the symbol that signifies that the bathroom is accessible for people who are using a wheelchair.

Family Restroom Signs

One of the newest trends in bathroom signage is using a “Family Restroom” sign. This shows that it is available for parents who want to take their children into the restroom without exposing them to a bunch of strangers in a vulnerable situation. Many times, these types of bathrooms are for a single user so a parent can take their child without the concern of others being in there as well. But there are cases where there are several stalls for more convenience.

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