ADA Signage

When you need to purchase signs for your business and are required to have ADA signs for some areas of your establishment, you need to make sure that these are truly compliant with ADA standards. While a lot of signs that you find online mention that they are ADA compliant, how can you be really sure that these are indeed up to regulations? You need to know a bit about ADA signage and what is necessary for these to be truly compliant with ADA rules.

While some signs do not need to be ADA compliant, quite a few of these need to be. Those that need to be compliant include permanent room signs, life safety signs, and directional signs. Permanent room signs are those that are used to mark rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, or those spaces that won’t be changing its usage anytime soon. Life safety signs are those that are used to mark discharge, emergency exits and stairwells. Directional signs are, as the name implies, those that are used to show people where to go and what direction to take for a particular room or facility.

While all of these need to be ADA compliant, not all of these need to have the same ADA features on them. For example, some signs need to have tactile letters and Braille translations on them, but others do not. Those signs that need to have letters that you can read with your fingertips and Braille on them are those that need to be mounted at a height that can be reached by people. These tactile signs are usually those that are used to mark permanent spaces and rooms as well as life safety signs.

Signs that do not need to have this kind of a feature are those that are mounted at a height that cannot be reached by human hands (not without a ladder anyway). These can include overhead signs, flag mounted signs and directories. These signs, however, need to have other ADA features on them, such as the right color contrast, the correct character to mounting height ratio and the right fonts.

Making sure that all of these features are on the different kinds of ADA signage you need for your business will help you avoid the problems that usually come with non-compliance. While there are a lot of signage companies online that you can trust with your ADA signs, it does help to know these things yourself.