Architectural Signage

Not that many people actually know what architectural signage is used for. Even sign manufacturers end up debating over what these signs actually are. Most manufacturers however agree that, in a nutshell, architectural signs are signs that are not only utilitarian, but are also aesthetically pleasing. These signs have a dual purpose, and that is to be used to direct people to where they want to go, and they do this while looking good and adding something to the décor of the building or establishment.

Creating signs that are both good to look at and useful for directing people to the right room or facility can be rather tricky, especially if there are ADA compliance guidelines that need to be followed. This is what you need to face when you have to create interior signs since most of these need to be ADA compliant. You can actually try to do this on your own, but you will need to arm yourself with research regarding the many ADA rules that cover the many different signs your company needs, and you will need to be able to integrate these into your signs while still creating good looking signs.

Sign Designers and Architectural Signage

Sign Designers and Architectural Signage

So, where can you locate a sign designer that can help you with your architectural signage needs? There are many manufacturers of signs that actually have in-house designers that you can tap for such a requirement. You will need to find out however if the use of these designers comes with an additional fee, or if they can help you for free if you guarantee that you will be ordering signs from their company. Quite a few sign makers offer such a service for free and can even have you talking on the phone or in person with their designers to help you explain thoroughly what kinds of signs you want and what design ideas you have.

When you consult with these designers, you will be giving them input on what you need and what you want. They might do an ocular inspection of your building, if they are able to do that, to see if your sign design ideas are ideal for your present décor or if you will do better with a design that they suggest. More often than not, when professional sign designers inspect a site, they make notes as to what kind of décor your building has and what kinds of signs will help add to the beauty of your surroundings.

These architectural signage designers will then tell you what they think is best for your establishment and will present you with sketches of your ideas, then sketches of their ideas. They might even include your building in the drawing so you can see what they are talking about. With this, you can see for yourself the difference between your design ideas, and their ideas, based on what they saw during their ocular inspection. 

Oftentimes, these designers will take part of your ideas and integrate this with their vision for your building’s architectural signage. These melded ideas bring together what you want and what they believe is best for your establishment, giving you something you want while at the same time, something that is ideal for the décor of your place of business. These designers know how to integrate such things into these signs, and add the numerous government-mandated elements needed to make these compliant as well. If any of your ideas will make it difficult to integrate these much needed elements, they will tell you so and present an alternative that can integrate compliance while at the same time be easy on the eyes too.

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