Architectural Signage

Architectural signs are supposed to be designed to help your business get noticed as well as to add another aesthetic element to your building or locale. With this, it is then important that you design your signs to be able to do these things real well. For you to design your architectural signage for optimal results, there are a few things you need to remember.

Always keep in mind that your architectural signage is there to not only show people where to go and where they are, but to also add some appeal to your building’s or establishment’s décor. This means that these signs should be both functional and decorative. How you go about making these signs add to your building’s aesthetic appeal all depends on what you choose to do.

Architectural signs include the many different signs you use in and around your establishment. This consists of directional signs, room signs, directories, informational signs and many more. The choices you have when it comes to these signs include the materials you use, the fonts, the color combinations and the mounting options, to name but a few. As earlier mentioned, your choices will have a bearing on how these signs will impact your building’s aesthetic as well as the effect these have on your business in general.

To optimize the effect these signs have on the people that see them, you have to think about how easily these can be understood, what it adds to your design aesthetic and how these come across to people who view them. Make sure that these signs can be easily understood but are not too simplistic to look elementary or ordinary. Try to ensure that these also exude some sophistication to make people take your business seriously and view it as something that should be reckoned with.

You should also make sure that your signs follow strict compliance rules whenever needed. While not all your signs need to be ADA compliant, a good number of them need to follow the rules that have been set by the ADA. This may make the creation of aesthetically pleasing signs for your business since a lot of material and font restrictions come into play when these ADA rules are enforced.

In order to balance aesthetics, usefulness and compliance, you might want to ask the help of expert sign designers when you create your architectural signs. Not only will these professionals show you how to go about creating aesthetically pleasing signs but they will also help ensure that you are within ADA regulations while doing so.