Custom Bathroom Signs

Okay, so you are thinking of having your bathroom signs customized, but are having second thoughts because, let’s face it, a bathroom sign is what it is no matter what the design. Custom bathroom signs are indeed somewhat run-of-the-mill in the sense that these all have typically the same kinds of elements on them – from the pictogram to what is written underneath to the size and shape of the thing. So why should you customize these? There are actually quite a few good reasons why.

For starters, custom bathroom signs are made not because people want these to look different from typical bathroom signs, but rather to make these look like the other signs in the office. Most offices like having a cohesive sign design for all the signs they use on their rooms and doors, hence the customization of bathroom signage to conform to the look of the others being used in the same facility. This desire for a cohesive signage design usually leads to bathroom signs that have the same materials, color schemes and fonts that are being used on all other door signs in the office or building.

Another reason why people choose to customize their bathroom signs is simply because they don’t want these to look too commonplace. You have to admit, bathroom signs that are made in the usual blue and white color combination, and in the standard rectangular shape, are somewhat boring to look at. Making these look somewhat different, while still keeping the design in line with ADA rules, can help you break away from the common and get you a rather original looking sign.

Of course, people may argue, what good is there in creating a unique looking bathroom sign when it only serves on purpose, and that is to tell people where the bathroom can be found. The answer to such an argument is a simple “why not?” Why not create unique looking bathroom signs (albeit compliant ones at that) for your bathrooms when there is actually nothing to lose with such an endeavor?

Look at it this way. When you order your office signs, you will be paying approximately the same amount of money for the bathroom sign you are ordering along with your other signage. So why not take advantage of the opportunity to create signs for your bathroom that are cohesive with the rest of the signs that you are ordering? You will find yourself ending up with signs that have one unified look, making your office look more professional and sophisticated looking.

To answer the question as to whether custom bathroom signs are worth your while, the answer is yes. Customizing your bathroom signage is indeed worth it since it does not take that much time to customize, you don’t have to shell out more than is usually expected for these kinds of signs, and you end up with attractive looking signs in place of commonplace ones.

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