Custom Wood Signs

Determining whether a type of sign is ideal for your particular needs, whether these are custom wood signs or plastic signs, comes with a great deal of thought. There are many factors that need to be considered before you can decide on whether a sign material or type of signage is ideal for your business or other needs, and not considering these before ordering anything may prove to be a costly move. This basically means that before you go out and order your custom signs, you should list down the factors that come into play with such signs.

What factors do you need to consider before deciding on using a particular sign for your specific needs? There are quite a lot, actually. You will need to consider firsthand your budget for these signs, since wood signs are not exactly as low costing as some other sign types out there. You also need to take into consideration the maintenance work needed on these signs. While most wood signs are varnished and protected with an overcoat, these still generally need some maintenance work done to them in order to ensure that these stay in the same condition for as long as possible.

Another factor that you will need to consider when you decide to use custom wood signs is where these are to be mounted. While there are wood types that can be used outdoors without the fear of fast deterioration of the materials used eating at you, some wood types do not really last that long outdoors. You will have to think about where your signs will be used before deciding that wood is the material you will use for your signage.

Also worth thinking about whether or not wood is ideal for your needs. Wood signs can evoke a sense of rusticity due to its look, which often makes it an ideal choice for establishments that want to give off an air of hominess and being earthy. There are ways however that you can use to make your wood signs look more sophisticated than down-to-earth, and this is with the use of the right fonts, finishes, and other materials like metal, being integrated into the design.

Mounting options will also need to be perused when wood signage is being considered for your requirements. Since wood is oftentimes a heavy material (although there are some lightweight woods that can be used for your signage needs), some of the choices you usually have when it comes to the mounting of signs cannot be considered. You will need to use stronger types of mounting for these signs, such as screws and brackets, and may not be able to use adhesives and Velcro.

When you are thinking of using wood for your signage needs, you should be aware of what comes with such a decision. You will need to put in place a maintenance plan that includes careful cleaning of these signs regularly without using too much moisture, since this can easily damage and deteriorate the wood. You will also need to make sure that these are not exposed to direct sunlight if you do not want your signs to fade quickly.

If you still want to use custom wood signs for your needs, but do not want the issues that come with the use of such a material, you can actually have your signs made out of plastic that is designed to look like wood. There are many signage companies who can make your custom wood signs out of wood-like materials that are lightweight, cheaper and easier to maintain. These signs can also last longer and won’t need to be maintained as stringently and carefully as real wood.   

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