Architectural Sign Systems

If you are thinking of using engraved signs for your architectural sign systems, you might find yourself wondering whether or not these signs are ideal for such a use. To help you figure this out, let us first understand what architectural sign systems are and where these are often used. In a nutshell, this is a group of signs used inside and outside that are utilized by establishments to help show people where to go, mark rooms with and to give general directions while at the same time, lending some aesthetic element to your establishment. In short, these signs are used the way signs are supposed to be used, while at the same time, make your place of business look good because of their design.

Now, for the question as to whether or not engraved signs should be used for your architectural sign systems, the answer can be tackled in a rather logical manner. Let us start with architectural sign systems and what these may consist of. Taking the definition of architectural signage, you can see that these are signs used inside and outside establishments.  Since indoor signage need to follow ADA compliance, it is then safe to assume that some of the signs used for this signage system are, in fact, ADA signs.

Now taking that fact into consideration, we can easily deduce that the indoor signs that are part of this signage system have to carry certain ADA features such as tactile letters and Braille. As such, these features are usually created with the use of an engraving tool, which means that these signs can be easily called engraved signs. With indoor signs needing to follow ADA compliance rules, and with ADA signs usually being crafted using engraving machines (which usually makes these signs generally into engraved signs), then you can say that some signs in your architectural sign systems can indeed be engraved signs.

So to summarize, architectural signage systems consist of indoor and outdoor signs. Indoor signs have to follow the ADA rules covering signage. Most indoor ADA signs need to have Braille and tactile letters on them. Tactile letters and Braille translations are usually crafted using an engraving machine. Signs that are made using an engraving machine are usually called engraved signs. Therefore, architectural signage systems can indeed be put together with the use of engraved signs.

This rather roundabout way shows that engraving is indeed a possible marking choice for your architectural signage systems, however this does not mean that it is your only option. You can actually choose to have engraved signs used for your indoor signs, and other sign types used for your outdoor signs. Since such a signage system encompasses all the signs that you use for your facility or establishment, you can choose to mix and match the many different signs that you are to use in this, just as long as all of these come together to complement either each other or make your establishment look good.

In conclusion, when you are considering using engraved signs for your indoor and outdoor signage, you will be glad to know that this is a viable option. Not only is this kind of a sign capable of being crafted into an ADA compliant one but it can also be customized to look aesthetically pleasing and useful for both indoors and outdoors as well.

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