Engraved Signs

Some people tend to confuse etching with engraving, and in that respect, engraved signs with etched signs, and for a number of good reasons. For one, engraving and etching are similar in a way due to the fact that these marking methods actually produce raised or recessed characters on the surfaces that these are on. Another reason why these are sometimes interchanged with one another is because each marking method starts with the letter E at the beginning of the word.

In reality, etching is a marking method that is used on mostly glass and metal materials, while engraving is a marking method that can be used on a wide array of materials. These two marking methods however produce somewhat similar results in that these have recessed and raised parts after the material has been marked. This means that, depending on what material you are planning on using for your signs, you can actually use either of the two to come up with similar looking signs.

When to Opt for Engraved Signs over Etched Signs

So, when do you choose one type of marking method over the other? The choices you make will usually depend on a number of factors. One such factor is your budget. Your budget can easily dictate what kind of material you can use for your signs, and after such, you can then choose the marking method that you will use for the creation of such signs.

If you are to use metals for your signage, then you can choose either etching or engraving for it. The same goes for glass and glass-like materials that you might also want to consider for your signs. You can choose to use any of these two marking methods on your signs if you are using these materials.

If you are thinking of using wood or any type of plastic for your signs however, your only marking method would be engraving, that is if you are aiming for signs that have either recessed or raised characters. If you do not need to have tactile elements on your signs, you can opt for other marking choices such as painting, silk screening and many more. The choice is generally dependent on whether your material allows it, and the material choice is often dependent on your budget.

Another thing you will need to keep in mind when deciding between engraved signs and etched signs is your sign design. The design of your sign is also dependent on where these are to be used, what these are to be used for and what rules actually govern these signs. As you may already know, some signs need to conform to certain standards set by the government. Some of these standards require that specific signs should have raised characters on them so that people with visual impairments can easily read these with their fingertips. More often than not, these signs are made using engraving, although when the material allows for it, etching can also be used.

If your signs are not required to follow very strict guidelines, and the design that you choose will work better with the use of etching as a marking method, then you can choose etched signs for this. The choice is ultimately dependent on the many factors that come together when it comes to these signs that you need. Whether it be engraved signs or etched signs, as long as you get the kind of sign that you want and need, while staying within the guidelines that you need to follow and design aesthetics that you want to use, you will be fine with either type of signage.

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