Gender Neutral Bathroom Sign

In the past, gender neutral bathrooms (those restrooms that you see with bathroom signs that carry both male and female pictograms) were used by establishments that had only one bathroom. In short, these were gender neutral, or are shared by both men and women, simply because there was no other choice. These days however, these kinds of bathrooms are beginning to proliferate for a different reason.

These days, the question of which restroom a person must go to is asked more often due to the need to serve the members of the LGBT community. Transgender individuals are finding it difficult to go to the restroom that they belong to due to the rather judgmental attitude of many. As accepted as transgender individuals are nowadays, it is not unavoidable that there will be some people who will still insist that they should not use certain gender specific facilities.

This is where gender neutral restrooms come in. More and more establishments are finding that the creation of these restrooms not only gets rid of the need for a person to justify why they are using that particular facility, but it also helps people become more accepting of the fact that we are all different and we should respect that difference. These restrooms are made not only to serve the LGBT community, but also those who do not fit in the stereotypical norms of gender that people are accustomed to.

These bathrooms can be easily found with bathroom signs that show both the male and female pictogram on them, and these signs, as with other bathroom signs, are required to carry the elements found on all ADA signs. Since bathroom signs are after all part of the list of signs that need to be ADA compliant, these signs are no exception. These restroom signs will also carry, apart from the two pictograms, Braille translations of what the sign is all about and tactile letters.

This sign may also carry the ISA pictogram (or international symbol of accessibility) on it if there are cubicles within that can accommodate wheelchairs, and has the many features needed for an accessible bathroom. You will also notice that these signs will be mounted at the same height as all other ADA signs, and may have an identical sign mounted on the door of the restroom as well.

The increase in the need for these signs, and the bathrooms that these are to go on, is not only for those who are being unfairly judged for their sexual orientation, but also for everyone. The convenience of having a restroom that any gender can use, after all, is something everyone can benefit from. Although not everyone may agree that having such a facility around is a good thing, it is something that is beginning to proliferate and may be seen in a public accommodation near you soon.  

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