Restroom Signs

If you were to ask yourself, are restroom signs worth customizing? The answer usually depends on whether or not you want your bathroom signs to look exactly like every other one out there or if you want your signage to look different. Personally, I believe that customized bathroom signs are a good idea simply because I want my signs to look different.

Every person thinks differently about signage. With bathroom signs being one of the signs that you will need to get for your establishment, it then stands to reason that not everyone will want to have the same kind of sign attached from their bathroom door as their next door office or business. While it may seem inconsequential to a few people, I firmly believe that customizing a bathroom sign is worthwhile. But then again, that’s just me.

Some of the customization options that you do have when you do decide to have these signs customized include the type of material you will use, the color combinations of these signs, the fonts that you will utilize and the wording on the sign. Most restroom signs that are stock will have either the word “restroom” at the bottom, or the gender of the bathroom’s users. Sometimes, since the pictograms used on these signs are generally understandable by one and all, no wordings are put underneath, save for a Braille translation of the pictogram.

When customizing, you need to keep in mind that since restroom signs are considered signage that is used on rooms that do not change their usage, otherwise known as permanent rooms or spaces, then you will need to follow ADA rules when creating these signs. Keeping in compliance is not only a way for you to prevent getting fined by the government for not following rules that the ADA has set. It is also a way for you to give people who do have disabilities a way to find these bathrooms even when there is no one around for them to ask.

In the end, the need to customize your restroom signage is all a matter of preference. If you are in a hurry to put up your signs, then by all means, get stock signs for your bathrooms. Otherwise, if you want your restroom signs to have the look you want it to have, then customization is an option you should consider.