Custom Door Signs

Office signs are usually customized by businesses when these are ordered, and this is for a number of good reasons. For starters, these signs need to display the same kind of design aesthetic that the company has in its décor and corporate signage. Another reason is that customizing your signs will make these look very professional and gives the company the opportunity to add their own personal touch to such signs.

Whatever the reasons may be, you will find that numerous companies do have their signs customized. What some people may not realize is that while customization is allowed when it comes to office signs, the options you have for creating unique looking signs may be somewhat limited. This is because of the fact that these signs are subject to the rules and regulations of the ADA.

The limitations that are set for these signs are those that are made to benefit everyone. These strict rules are there for a reason, and the reason is to make these signs easy to read and understand by everyone. This is why the guidelines have stipulations for the color combinations used, the fonts that can be utilized, the size of the characters per the sign’s size, and many more.

You should be aware that while there are a lot of guidelines to follow when it comes to the customization of your office signs, not all your office signs need to carry all of the features mentioned by the ADA. This is because only a few signs that are considered permanent room signs are required to carry all of the ADA compliant features that are listed on these guidelines. Permanent room signs are those that are used to mark doors that lead to rooms that are considered “permanent” or won’t change usage any time soon, and these include bathrooms, kitchens, closets, and so on.

You can choose to integrate all of the features that are present in these kinds of signs into your other door signs, if you are looking for uniformity, but this is not necessary. Braille translations, tactile characters and pictograms, and other features that are a must on permanent room signs can also go on other door signs you have, but you can also opt to not have these on them. You need to have the right color contrast though, along with the use of sans serif fonts and materials that are non-glare or non-gloss, when you make these other signs.

Your limitations in terms of design are only hindered by what the ADA mandates, and there are actually only a few hindrances to your design ideas, if you really think about it. There are quite a number of color combinations to choose from, still quite a few sans serif fonts to pick from, and quite a lot of material types to make your selection from, while still staying within the boundaries of government rules.

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