Restroom Sign

You have to admit, you know what seeing a rectangular sign with a stick-like figure of a man or a woman inside means the moment you see it. These signs don’t even need to carry text underneath the pictogram since the image itself, as well as the composition of the sign and the colors used, is often enough to let you know that a restroom is nearby. Yes, almost every restroom sign that you chance upon is actually made the same way as others like it.

Why is this how restrooms signs are put together? Shouldn’t establishments use different designs when it comes to their restroom signs? Is it really necessary for these signs to carry the same pictograms, be mounted in the same area and have the same color combinations?

There is a very good reason for having restroom signs look generally the same, and that is for it to be understood universally. The use of common pictograms to show people where a ladies’ restroom, men’s restroom and unisex restrooms can be found is to enable people from all walks of life to know where to find these facilities. The call of nature, after all, transcends all languages and races.

This is why a lot of establishments use only the pictogram in a square sign to show people where restrooms can be found. This common restroom sign design can be seen from one end of the planet to the other and is understood by almost everyone to mean that a restroom is nearby. No words are needed in order to show people where to answer the call of nature since these signs are there to help.

For the color combination of blue and white, this is the most commonly used for restroom signs, however this is not the only color combination that is used. There are actually quite a number of restroom signs that are made using other color combinations, although particular attention is paid for the right contrast between the sign surface and the text or graphics being used. This is because of the need for these signs to be ADA compliant.

When it comes to ADA compliance, these signs need to follow quite a number of rules and these include rules for mounting height, color combinations, tactile pictograms and letters, Braille translations, and sign finish. The need to follow these rules is also one of the reasons why these bathroom signs look like one and the other. Since such stringent rules leave very little room for variation, it is but natural that almost every restroom sign you come across looks the same.

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