ADA Signage

When ordering your ADA signage, some of the considerations that need to be made include the character height of the copy on these signs. The size of the letters on your signs needs to be created according to how high these signs are to be mounted. The distance from which these signs are to be read or can be seen also need to be considered when these are being designed and crafted.

In order for your signs to be truly compliant with ADA standards, you should ensure that the right character height is utilized and for this to happen, you need to know from the onset where these signs are to be mounted and at what height. Signs that are mounted between 40 inches and 70 inches from the floor can carry the minimum character size for these letters, which is around 5/8 of an inch. These signs can be easily read from six feet away. If the signs are to be mounted at higher locales, and are to be read from farther away, character sizes should be adjusted accordingly.

In order to accurately calculate the size of the letters you are to use on your signs, you should start with the minimum character size and slowly increase this by a quarter of an inch for every two feet increase in reading distance. So this means that you should start with a minimum distance of six feet and a character size of 5/8”, slowly increasing as the signs go higher and reading distances go farther. If a sign is readable from 8 feet away with a 1” character height, then signs that can be read from 9 to 10 feet away need to have characters that are an inch and a quarter in height for these to be compliant.

Calculating the size of your sign’s character heights can be rather tricky if you are not adept at doing so, and if you find the process rather complicated to begin with. You can skip this step altogether by asking the help of sign designers who know what needs to be done when it comes to ADA compliant signs. These sign designers will be able to create signs for you with the right character heights without having to worry about it yourself. This way you can take care of other things needed for your business without having to fret about whether or not your ADA signs are compliant.