Door Signs for Offices

Customization is something that people do when they have signs made for their businesses. Some companies often have signs made in designs that are in line with their company’s general design ideas, however a few go a different route when it comes to the signs they use for their doors. Some businesses choose to go the “fun and whimsical” route for their office door signs.

Is creating a fun and whimsical door sign acceptable for businesses? Is it acceptable in terms of ADA standards and the rules that signs need to follow for compliance? Door signs can be made to look funny if that is what a company wants, but these are still subject to the rules that are set by the government. This means that no matter what “fun” or “funny” elements are on your door signs, these signs need to comply with the rules that are created for these.

One of the door signs that are often made to look somewhat funny when it comes to offices, and other establishments for that matter, is the bathroom door sign. You can see some signs carrying funny versions of the male and female figures generally used in these things. You can also see unique variants of such gender defining symbols on some of these signs (beer mug for men, martini glass for women is one example).

How far can a business go when it comes to creating unique and funny signs for their office doors, and even for their bathroom doors? A business can actually create unique looking signage, funny or otherwise, for their doors any which way they want provided that these are supplementary to the ADA compliant ones that are required by government to be used on such doors. For example, if you want the sign on your bathroom door to have funny pictograms on them as opposed to the usual ADA compliant ones, you can do so but you need to have the ADA compliant signs there as well.  The compliant door sign needs to be on the side of the door where these are supposed to be found, and the funny unique signs can go on the door itself or slightly above the ADA sign that is required by government.

While this may mean added expense on the part of the company, you should be glad to know that not all door signs actually need to follow the very strict rules that are set for permanent door signs. Some of the doors in your office may not be considered permanent or unchangeable, so you can tweak a number of door signs for office use to display whimsical and funny designs. You simply need to find out which.

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