Customized Signs

You might think that creating customized signs for your business is easy. How hard can it be, right? All you need to know how to do is to engrave or paint plastic slabs with the signs your business needs. You might even think that you can add anything you want to these signs since you can make these on your own. But wait, before you go out and buy materials and equipment for creating signs, you should know that the making of signs for your business is not actually something you can just do on your own.

What you may not be aware of is that these signs actually require more than just skill and talent to create. You also need to know what features are required of these signs, as well as how to create these features according to the guidelines set by the government. These signs that require these mandatory features are called ADA signs, and these are crafted following very strict regulations that are set by the law.

When you make these signs, not only do you need to add these features in but you also need to add these in the way that the rules state they should be added in. For example, if you are required to have a 70% color contrast between the sign’s background and the characters on it, you will need to be able to create such a contrast accurately. You will also need to add a number of other features to some of your signs, particularly if these are considered permanent room signs (like those used for bathrooms and stairwells).

The need for accurate features does not only end with the color combinations and contrasts that you use. You will also need to be able to add tactile characters that are .88 millimeters in height, and you will also need to ensure that the spacing between characters is in line with the guidelines that are set for this. Apart from these, you also need to incorporate braille translations of your sign wordings, and these need to be in grade 2 Braille, as well as made with the strict guidelines that you will find being stated in the ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

While you can indeed make your own signs if you wanted to, you do stand the risk of being fined if these do not meet the requirements set for such signage. You are better off ordering your customized signs from manufacturers who know how to add these features in and in the right way. Not only do you end up with great looking signs without having to tire yourself out with creating these, but you also end up with compliant signs that do not put you in danger of non-compliance.

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