Door Signs

One of the things most people want to have is uniqueness, and door sign designs are no exception to this. A lot of businesses often want their signs to stand out and be different from what everyone else is using however, with the need to conform to ADA rules, is this at all possible? Can your door signs be made in such a way that is unique without violating the rules set by the ADA for these signs?

When it comes to ADA compliance, it is advisable for you not to mess with this. Not complying with ADA rules can actually cost you more than just penalties and fines. Aside from having to pay certain amounts of money for non-compliance with rules that have been set by the government, you will also need to spend on the alteration of your signs, or worse, for the creation of new ones that are in line with the ADA’s guidelines for signage.

This need for strict adherence to the rules however does not necessarily mean that you can kiss your ideas for unique signs goodbye. There is actually a workaround to such a dilemma, and all you need to do is to find a way to conform to the set ADA standards for door signs while still using your original ideas for these. How can this be done? Here are some ideas:

You can create unique looking door signs even when following ADA rules – following ADA rules for your door signs, whether these are door number signs or word signs, need not mean that these have to look like stock door signs. This is why there are customization options available to you on sites that sell these signs. You can ask in-house sign designers for advice on how you can achieve what you want without sacrificing compliance. You can also try to study up on these rules for door signs yourself and come up with variations to your ideas that incorporate these rules into the design.

You can utilize supplementary signs for your unique creations – if you find that following ADA rules will definitely disallow you from creating your artistic and creative signs, you can actually get around this by creating a secondary sign apart from your ADA compliant signs. Since ADA door signs need to be mounted beside the door, and not on the door itself, you can have your unique door signs mounted on the doors while your ADA signs remain mounted on the latch side of these very same doors. While this may mean an additional expense on your part, if you are determined to have your imaginative door signs created and used for your business, this is one of the ways you can do so.

Creative door signs that stand out from the rest may not be easily integrated into your signage requirements due to strict ADA rules. With a little careful planning however, and some help from sign designers who know how to translate your ideas into compliant signage, this is not an impossible task. You simply need to know how to find a work-around for such a dilemma in order to get what you want in terms of signage that is eye-catching, non-common yet non-penalty inducing either.

If you still cannot find a way around such an impasse, you can choose to use your ideas on other signs, like those that are not required to follow strict ADA rules, or use such ideas to create artwork that you can display in and around your place of business.

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