Rowmark ADA Colors

Custom signs, specifically signs that are used inside buildings, are subject to a number of rules set by the government. One of these rules is the color combination rule where signs need to have a color contrast of 70% between the characters and the background. This rule is often misunderstood and people tend to think that the only colors you can use because of the contrast and combination rule are blue & white, black & white, and gray & black.

You might not be aware of this but color combinations that can be used on ADA signs are actually quite numerous. As long as these signs follow the specified contrast between characters and background, you can actually use a lot of color combinations for these. This means that customization is not as tight or as difficult as you might have perceived, and this can open up a lot of possibilities for your signage design and color schemes.

So, what colors can you use on your signs and which combinations are acceptable in terms of the 70% contrast ruling set by the ADA? Here are some examples that you can choose to use for your custom signs:

For a red background, your color contrast characters could be in yellow, antique ivory, candlewick, sand, ash, and parchment. It can also be in sandalwood, white, light grey, pearl grey, beige, gold, and silver. These same contrast colors can also be used with signs that have canyon, black forest green, Bahama blue, and china blue colored backgrounds.

For a burgundy background, you can have characters in the same colors as those used by red signs, with the addition of orange, grass green, bright green, Maui blue, grey, and silver grey. These same color contrast characters can also be used with air force blue and marine blue backgrounds.

For signs with lighter backgrounds, like antique ivory, sand, light grey, and sandalwood, the characters on these can come in colors like red, burgundy, Bordeaux, passion pink, canyon, bright green, pine green, and teal. You can also use characters in charcoal grey, cinder, medium brown, dark brown, black, deep bronze, and copper on these background colors.

Signs that have beige, gold and silver backgrounds should use characters in colors like red, burgundy, orange, grass green, bright green, and various blues like Maui blue, china blue, standard blue, and air force blue. These colors will also go well with silver grey, charcoal grey, medium brown, and dark brown when it comes to ADA compliant color combinations.

These are just a few examples of the many color combinations that you can choose to use when it comes to ADA compliant signage. You can customize your signs with these combinations without fear of being non-compliant. To find out more about these sign color combos, and what other options you may have in terms of such colors for your signage, contact us today through our contact page.

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