Bathroom Signs

More often than not, when you order bathroom signs, you often end up with the standard blue and white, or black and white, color combinations. This may be because you see these being used everywhere. This may also be because you are not aware of the fact that you can actually order your bathroom signs in different color combinations.

Yes, your bathroom signs can come in a variety of other color pairings, and all you have to do is find the right combinations for your signs. Of course, you may be asking how these can be considered compliant with ADA rules since bathroom signs are required to follow these regulations. Well, you should be glad to know that there are actually a lot of color combinations that are compliant with the color contrast and pairing rule set by the ADA.

Your signs can look as appealing as you want it to be with the color combinations that you can now use. Aside from the standard blue/white and black/white that you see everywhere, you can now opt for color combinations like red and yellow, or bright green and beige. Want something more sophisticated? How about burgundy and gold, or Ivory and Bordeaux?

One of the rules you need to remember when choosing the color combinations that you will use with your bathroom signs is that these have to meet the ADA standards for color contrast, which is set at 70%. This means that the background or the characters on the sign has to have a 70% contrast with the other. So, your background or your characters have to be either 70% darker or lighter than the other.

Color OptionsThere are many colors for you to choose from, and these include other colors that you may not even be familiar with. You can now choose to go with more recognizable combinations, like beige and black, or grey and black. Or you can choose to go for more bold combinations, like Passion Pink and Sand, or Orange and Marine Blue. You simply need to find out what combinations are considered compliant by the ADA and have these confirmed by a sign designer who specializes in ADA compliant signage.

Oh, and another good thing about these colors that you can use on bathroom signs? You can also use these on your other office signs. Whatever signs you may have that need to comply with the color contrast rule can also use these very same color combination options. Now you can have color coordinated, great looking, boldly colored, ADA compliant signs all over your workplace. 

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