Commercial Signs

We all know that commercial signs are used by businesses for a number of reasons. Depending on how a commercial sign is put together and for what specific purpose, you can easily see what the most useful elements on these signs are. When defined, commercial signs are said to be objects that assist in wayfinding or help show customers where a specific building or business can be found.

Commercial signs can also be used to advertise products and companies. These may show images, words and slogans that help promote certain businesses or specific products. To help you further understand the importance of certain sign elements, here is a list of different types of commercial signs (according to use) and what features on each one is deemed the most important:

Outdoor Sign with Logo and Lettering – this is often used to indicate a building name, what business is occupying a particular building or what company owns and resides in the building. This kind of a sign can be made out of a number of materials that include plastic, metal and neon lighting. The most important element on these signs is the copy and the logo, since these tell people what the building is being used for.

Another important element on these signs is the material used. Since these signs are outdoors, it is crucial that the materials used for such a sign be durable enough to withstand the sun’s UV rays, rain, snow, wind and all the other weather conditions that the locale is subjected to. This is why materials like plastic and stainless steel or aluminum is often used for these signs.

Interior Wall Signs – also considered a commercial sign, these can be found within establishments and can serve a huge number of purposes. For one, these can be used to indicate the name of a store in a mall. These can also be used to direct people in the right direction in the form of a directional sign. These interior wall signs can also be used to show people where certain facilities are, like bathrooms, elevators and the like.

As with outdoor signs, the most important element on interior wall signs is the copy on it. Since these are used for wayfinding – telling people what an establishment is for, where to find bathrooms and showing them where to go – these signs should be clear and concise. These should also be easy to locate and read.