Buying office signs for your business will open you up to a number of terms that you might find yourself unfamiliar with. Some of these terms may be easy to understand when read in the context of a description or explanation. Others may require a bit of research for you to understand what the word means.

To help you out, here are some common terms that you might run into when you are thinking of buying office signs:

  • Acrylic – Acrylic is a type of plastic that is often used for signs due mainly to its clarity and versatility
  • Brushed Finish – A textured, non-glossy finish that is used usually on metals to give it a decorative look
  • Bulletin Colors – Enamel paints that are used for outdoor signs. Specially prepared enamel paints that are used for sign lettering. These are quick drying and give good coverage.
  • Design – Also called a layout, this is what a sign is going to look like before it is manufactured. The elements included in this are the sign color, shape, text and graphic elements (if any).
  • Directional Sign – These are signs that show people where to go.
  • Directory Sign – A sign that is either indoors or outdoors and shows the names and locations of offices, tenants, stores and businesses in a building. Can also be used to show people a list of names or tenants in multiple buildings for a multi-building development.
  • Double Face Sign – Also called a back-to-back sign, this is a sign with two parallel faces
  • Face (or Sign Face) – The surface of the sign where art and copy are placed
  • Fascia Sign – Also called a wall sign, this is often mounted flat on a wall with its face parallel to this same wall
  • Foam Board – Used for interior signage, this is a rigid and lightweight board. Made of a foam center sheet that is laminated on either one or both sides with the use of a number of types of substrates
  • Hanging Sign – This is a double-faced kind of sign which is mounted from overhead with the use of brackets or another type of support. Can also be projected from a wall, a pole or a building.
  • Identification Sign – Shows you the name of the establishment or business.
  • Legibility – Also called readability, this pertains to the quality of the sign’s fonts that makes it easy to read or decipher.

These are but a few of the common terms you will find when looking at office signs that you are thinking of purchasing or having made.