When people decide to put together signs for their businesses, they are often given numerous material options to choose from. Two of the most commonly presented materials for these signs are corrugated plastic and aluminum. While these two are very different from one another, with one being a metal and the other being a thermoplastic, these are both popular materials used for outdoor signs.

At the onset, it is easy enough to determine that when it comes to rigidness and durability, while both are considered tough enough for use outdoors, one is tougher than the other. Since aluminum is a metal, it is perceivably more durable than its plastic counterpart. One very easy comparison to make is when these signs are mounted on posts out in the open on a very windy day. The corrugated plastic sign will buckle and blow away quicker when compared with a similar sign made of aluminum.

When comparing which of the two will last longer when placed outside and when exposed to the elements, again, the obvious winner would be aluminum. Since this metal does not rust, is very rigid and won’t buckle or fold, it will last longer under any harsh conditions when compared with corrugated plastic signs. Also another advantage the aluminum has over corrugated plastic is the fact that its metallic color is often used as is, or without any coloration, hence fading colors is also a problem it does not have.

When it comes to ease of installation, plastic signs are far easier to install than aluminum signs. This is because these signs are lighter than their aluminum counterparts. These signs are also less prone to scratching and to dents, which makes them the easier of the two to ship, transport and deliver. Even when plastic signs are placed beside other objects, the chances of these getting scratched or damaged are slim.

Another point of comparison is the price. It is obvious that the more cost effective of the two is the sign made out of plastic. Aluminum signs often cost more than their plastic alternatives for many different reasons. First off, aluminum signs need additional packaging when being shipped or transported due to the fact that these are prone to scratches or dents. Another thing is due to it being heavier than plastic.

Whether you choose to purchase an aluminum sign or a plastic sign, it is best to know how much each costs and if the choice is ideal for your needs. It also helps to know whether one material or the other can be crafted into the sign that you require.