Custom ADA Signs

Creating office door signs may seem easy, but if you want to avoid the many problems that come with having signs that are not compliant with standards set by the government, you will need to find out what features these need to have. The signs that you use in your office need to follow rules that are found in the ADA, and these rules have to be strictly followed. If these rules are not followed, you might find yourself not only facing stiff penalties and fines, but you may also find yourself being sued by individuals who think you are discriminating against people with disabilities.

What can your manufacturer do to help you create the kinds of office door signs that are compliant with the rules set by the ADA? Should your manufacturer do anything or is the implementation of ADA features solely your responsibility? Are there manufacturers who do take these rules seriously enough to inform their customers of the need for such features to be present on their signs?

There are a number of manufacturers who do inform their clients of the lack of such compliance features on their signs, and these are the manufacturers who take their craft seriously. A lot of these businesses often have a sign designer on hand who can check for missing compliance elements on certain signs and they often point these out. These missing elements can then be added in by these designers should the client choose to heed their advice regarding ADA compliance and the need for these office door signs to be ADA compliant ones.

Not that many people are aware of the requirements that the ADA has set for such signage, and these businesses are the ones that end up having non-compliant signage which can open them up to lawsuits and fines. When a client asks if their signs are compliant with the standards set by the ADA, it is the manufacturer’s duty to check their designs and to let them know whether or not these signs will pass ADA standards. If these lack features that make these compliant, the manufacturer should let the company ordering the signs know about this so that they are given the option to add these factors in.

Manufacturers can only advise their clients as to what is needed for their signs to be compliant with ADA standards. If the client decides to forgo these features, it is their prerogative but it is still the manufacturer’s responsibility to let them know of the lack of such features. This way, the client has the option to add ADA features to their office door signage if these are required.

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