Custom ADA Signs

When you need ADA signs for your establishment, you can actually purchase signs that are ready-made for such a purpose. While standards signs are acceptable and are often used by a lot of people for their businesses, some opt for signs that are unique and in-line with a particular design style that their business uses. If you want your signs to follow a certain design aesthetic but are still compliant with ADA guidelines, you can actually order custom ADA signs for your business.

There are a number of companies that specialize in crafting custom signs for their customers and a few of them cover ADA signs as well. Custom ADA signs are essentially signs that have all the requirements needed for ADA compliance but are crafted in a way that is similar to other signs used by certain establishments. These customized signs may look like the other non-ADA signs that these businesses use but actually carry all the elements needed for these to be ADA compliant.

There are a number of indoor and outdoor signs that need to be compliant with ADA standards, and all of these can actually be customized in one way or another. As long as these signs still follow the general ADA rules for compliance, customization is not really a problem. You can have your signs looking as sophisticated and as snazzy as you want while still following sign requirements set by the law.

Signs you can customize to look fashionably sleek and chic while still following ADA guidelines include permanent room signs, directional signs, directories, elevator signs and bathroom signage. The limitations you have when it comes to customizing these signs often involve the kinds of finish you can use on them, the color combinations that can be utilized and the kinds of fonts that are allowed.

Always remember that even while you can customize these signs according to your preferences, you still need to follow ADA rules while doing so. These rules can help you keep your signs compliant and help you avoid fines, penalties and probable litigation issues. There is nothing for you to worry about however since the ADA guidelines for signage creation and use still gives you enough room to move around in terms of customization.

You can choose color combinations to your liking for background and text as long as these have a 70% contrast ratio between them. You can also choose the kind of material you want to use as long as the finish is non-glare. As long as you stay within the set parameters of ADA signage rules, you can customize your signs to your heart’s content and still be compliant. If you are unsure about your customization options, talk with a sign expert who is knowledgeable about these guidelines so you can easily come up with custom designs for your ADA signs without having to worry about non-compliance issues.