Custom Bathroom Signs

When it comes to bathroom signs, people sometimes think that going with stock signs is the easier option and, in a sense, they are right. This however leaves them with a sign that looks just like every other bathroom sign that you see and does not give you any added aesthetic quality or distinction from the others. This is where custom bathroom signs come in.

Custom bathroom signs are signs that are designed to look somewhat different from what you normally know bathroom signage to be. These can be in different colors, use a combination of materials, and can carry pictograms that are not what people usually expect from these signs. Of course, even when these signs are customized to suit your design ideas and needs, there are some things that you still need to follow and these are the ADA rules that govern such signs.

Options You Have for Custom Bathroom Sign Materials

Custom Bathroom Signs MaterialsIn choosing the materials for your bathroom signs, you will find that you actually have quite a number of options at your fingertips. What you can base your selection on may include your budget, the décor of your office, and the sign design that you choose for these customized bathroom signs. You will also need to base your material choices on some of the rules that the ADA has set for these signs.

For example, since the ADA has ruled that these signs need to be made using materials that have a non-glare and non-reflective surface, choices that you cannot make for these signs include shiny metals, glossy plastics and other similar options. What you can use are plastics, metals and other materials that come with a matte or non-gloss finish. This rule is set in order to help people with visual impairments easily distinguish the text from the background without having to worry about the glare of the sign material making it difficult for them to do so.

Also part of the considerations you need to make when it comes to material choices is the color combination of your sign. While you are free to choose what color your background and your copy will be in, you will still need to keep in mind that the right contrast between these two is needed. A 70% color contrast is required for these custom bathroom signs to be considered ADA compliant, although you can choose to go with either dark over light or light over dark combinations.

Other Customization Options You Have for Custom Bathroom Signs

Designing Custom Bathroom SignsAside from material alternatives, you also have font options, pictogram choices and size decisions to go through. For your font choices, you need to ensure that the fonts you use are sans serif. These are those fonts that do not fancy curves and additions that make them difficult to read from afar as well as tough to read with the use of your fingertips. Some of the fonts you can use for these custom bathroom signs include Arial, Lucida Sans, Verdana, Trebuchet and Tahoma, to name but a few.

For your pictogram options, while it is rather mandatory that you use the customary pictograms people are familiar with when it comes to bathroom signs, a slight variation is often allowable. Some people even end up using rather unique looking pictograms that are still easy to recognize as bathroom symbols. Others end up using really unique looking symbols for these custom bathroom signs, however they supplement these with either the right sign copy to prevent confusion or a supplementary sign that shows people what exactly the room is for.

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