Custom Bathroom Signs

Customizing signs is something that a lot of establishments do and for one good reason or another. They customize their office door signs to help unify the look of their architectural signage or to make these fit in with the décor and design aesthetic of the workplace. But what about the creation of custom bathroom signs? How does the customization of a bathroom signage fit into such plans?

Bathroom signs are considered permanent room signs, and as such, should strictly follow the dictates of the ADA regarding the design and the elements on them. If bathroom signs need to carry all of the elements that are required of an ADA sign, what then is the use of having these customized? Shouldn’t people just use the regular bathroom signs that can be found just about anywhere instead of having these customized?

What some people may not realize is that customization does not necessarily mean the total revamp of an item. When you customize a bathroom sign, the essential elements that make it easily recognizable and in compliance with ADA rules are still there. What gets customized is not what is on the sign but rather the look, the material and the wordings that are on them.

When custom bathroom signs are crafted, the usual pictogram is often added to this, although some people choose to use more artistic and unique options that are available to them. The customizable parts of these signs include the material that is to be used, the color combinations, the fonts that are utilized and the wordings that are placed on them. These choices, of course, are still subject to ADA rules and regulations which is why people end up customizing these signs with such limitations in mind.

Custom bathroom signs are still crafted according to ADA rules, with ADA approved fonts, ADA color contrasts and the addition of Braille translations being used. The main idea behind customization is to enable businesses to at least have bathroom signs that are almost similar to the other signs in the building. For example, if their office signs are made out of a combination of metal and plastic, you can also customize your bathroom signs to be made out of metal and plastic, and to carry similar fonts and color combinations as well.

This just basically entitles businesses to unify their signage designs without having to simply use the same blue and white bathroom signs that can be seen everywhere. Custom bathroom signs are an option that people choose to use in order to keep their design aesthetic for their businesses intact without really straying too far from the norm.

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