Custom Bathroom Signs for Men

If you were given a chance to choose your own bathroom signs without having to think about ADA guidelines, what designs would you choose to have made? Custom bathroom signs for men or women need to be made following guidelines that the ADA has outlined. While you can actually choose to have these made in abstract, artistic or funny designs, if you choose to do so, certain problems may arise if you do so. However, worry not since there is a compromise to such a dilemma.

Custom Bathroom Signs

You can actually have signs with a secondary section at the bottom that can carry the ADA compliant part of such signs. Although the top part of this particular sign (also known as the visual part of the sign) still needs to follow a number of guidelines, you can use conventional types of fonts on it, as long as these are not in italic, script, oblique or highly ornate. This means your wording can be in lowercase as well as in uppercase and you can use serif type fonts for this area.


Custom Men's Bathroom Signs

While such a compromise is nowhere near the kind of artistic and unique signs you might envision having for your establishment’s custom bathroom signs, these do give you a bit of leeway in terms of style and looks. If you still want to incorporate some artistry to your bathroom signs, you might consider actually posting two signs for the same room. You can post an ADA compliant sign on your bathroom doors and have an artistic and unique one made to be installed beside the door or near it.

Custom Men's and Women's Bathroom Signs

Before you go about doing this, you might want to ask your resident ADA expert if this allowed in your state. Not all states have the same sign guidelines for custom bathroom signs and other customizable ADA compliant signs. While all generally follow similar rules, some States are more lenient when it comes to how signs for restrooms and other permanent room signs are designed and crafted.

Until you are sure that your State will allow you to use artistic and attention-catching custom bathroom signs for men (and women, for that matter), you might want to stick with what is acceptable and within the dictates of the law. After all, you wouldn’t want to get fined and penalized for your bathroom signs simply because you wanted to be funny, artistic or ingenious about it.