Designing Custom Door Signs

When you hear the term “custom”, you often think that you can do whatever you want to the item that is customizable. The term can definitely be misleading if you are not that aware of the rules that actually govern these signs. Custom door signs are, despite being customizable, subject to certain rules and regulations, and these are guidelines that are set by the government.

So, when you think “custom”, how far do you think you can go in terms of your signage designs? Well, this usually depends on where these signs are to be used, or more specifically, what room these signs are to mark. There are certain rooms that require door signs that follow the strictest guidelines set by the ADA. These so-called “permanent” rooms or spaces need signs that carry a whole caboodle of features like tactile characters, braille translations, and many more.

When you have to customize signs like these permanent room signs, you need to keep in mind the rules these need to follow. Remember, non-compliance will put you in more trouble than you might actually realize. So, in designing these signs, make sure that you follow rules to-a-T. Does this mean that you can wave customization goodbye with these signs? The answer is no. You can still customize these signs, but your options are kept within certain allowable parameters.

What are the allowable parameters set for the creation of custom signs that are still considered ADA compliant? For one, you need make sure that the materials you use have a non-gloss and non-glare surface. You also need to use contrasting colors that fit the 70% contrast rule set by the government. Aside from these, you will also need to use only recommended fonts. These fonts are sans serif ones, to ensure that these can be easily read both by the fingertips (for tactile signs) and the sight.

So, how custom can you really go with such restrictions? Actually, you still have quite a wide array of choices available to you when it comes to customization. Choices for color contrasts, as long as the colors you choose are within specified background and character percentages, can be somewhat diverse. Fonts too come in many variants. You simply need to find the right sans serif font to use for your sign designs.

This basically means that when you need to create “custom” door signs, you can create amazingly beautiful ones, as long as these follow the rules set for this. This also means that there are many possibilities, and all you need to do is to figure out how to stay compliant while still creating the kinds of signs that you want to see being used for your business.

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