Engraved Office Signs

Customizing your engraved office signs opens you up to a number of options that may end up either giving you the kind of sign that you want or confused as to what choices to make. When ordering custom engraved signs for your office, you will be presented with decisions that have to be made. Some of the things you will need to decide on include material type, font, background color, size, mounting and text color, to name a few.

A lot of the choices you have to make may depend on whether the sign needs to be ADA compliant. For you to determine whether a custom sign is to follow ADA standards or can be made without having to conform to such regulations, you will need to first know what signs need to comply with such rules. Once you know which signs need to be ADA compliant, you can then continue choosing the components of your engraved office sign.

The next choices you may have to make include whether or not your letters should all be in upper case or lower case text or if you want your sign to show a combination of both. Of course, if your sign needs to comply with ADA standards, the choice is often left to what is required for such a sign. You will also need to have Braille included in these signs, if these are signs that can be read with the sense of touch.

Another choice you have to make when customizing office signs is how to align your text. You can choose to have the words or letters situated in the middle, the right or the left side of the sign. This usually depends on the shape and design of your sign frame as well as how you want your sign to look. Choices for frame color, and frame molding shape may also follow the selection process, depending on the type of engraved sign you are aiming for.

Sometimes the choices you are presented with may not include some of the options mentioned above. For instance, some engraved office sign manufacturers may offer you signs that do not have frames or moldings, but rather offer you these items separately. Others may also have only a few sizes for you to choose from and minimal font options too.  

The options you have for your custom engraved office signs will depend on which sign maker you choose to work with. This means you will need to find the best sign manufacturer who can give you the kind of sign options that can allow you to make the best choices possible for your signs.