Custom Engraved Signs

When you hear someone mentioning custom engraved signs, the first thing you might think about would probably be those signs that you see in and around offices. You are right in thinking that a lot of these are engraved signage. You should be aware however that custom engraved signage can actually be found elsewhere and not just in offices.

Did you know that custom engraved signs can actually be used for other things besides office signage? When you customize engraved signs, you can have the manufacturing company put almost anything you want on it. That means that you can have custom engraved signage made for your home, as gifts, for your pets and many more. Here are some ideas:

-      Door sign for your kid’s room – you can have a sign with your kid’s name engraved on it. If the company allows for total customization, you can even ask them to engrave a pictogram of a cartoon character on it or you can purchase a sticker of a favorite character of theirs and stick it to this door sign. You can have this sign made out of plastic, metal or wood, depending on what you want for your kid’s room door sign.

-      Family tree – you can have your family tree made out of custom engraved signs. To show the different personalities of the people in your family, you can choose to have each name engraved on a different colored piece of plastic signage material. You can also do this by engraving the names on wood but with different fonts or colors used to fill the engraved names. You can then hang this customized family tree in your living room, den or dining room.

-      Home number and address – another custom sign you can have made is one that you can hang outside your home – above your door, beside your door, beside your gate or on your mailbox – and this is the sign that carries your house number and address or just your house number. You can have this engraved using stainless steel, aluminum or any other corrosion resistant metal. You can also choose to have this made using wood or plastic, depending on your preference.

-      Dog’s name on doghouse – let us not forget man’s best friend. You can have your dog’s name engraved on a custom designed sign that is in the shape of a bone, or simply on any sign blank in the regular shapes that most sign manufacturers have. As with other custom signs, you can choose to have this made using metals, wood or plastic.