Custom Engraved Signs

Ordering custom engraved signs for your business will often require you to choose the kind of material you want to use. There are a lot of materials that can be used for these kinds of signs and while some people find it easy to choose what to use for their engraved signs, others find themselves conflicted due to a number of reasons.

Finding the right materials to use for your custom engraved signs need not be a tricky endeavor. You can actually put together very attractive and highly functional signs using any of these three. While all of these materials can be used to create high-quality engraved signs for your business or personal use, each has inherent properties that can give you the kind of look you may be looking for.

Aside from aesthetics, each material type has limitations and advantages in terms of usage. Some of these can be used indoors and outdoors. Others can only be utilized indoors. Some of these materials can also bring with them high maintenance requirements while others need only be wiped down with a rag and water every once in a while. To help you easily determine which material might suit your needs best, here is a rundown of what to expect from each:

Custom Wood Signs

Wood – this material can give you the rustic, homey look you may want. This is often the material of choice by people who have a use for signs that can fit in with country décor or simply want one that exudes a quaint appearance. This sign can last a long time when used indoors if taken care of properly. This kind of a sign should not be exposed to sunlight or displayed in an area that is in the direct path of the sun’s rays even when indoors to prevent it from fading and losing its beauty.

Engraved Metal SignMetal – custom engraved signs that use metal can be used both indoors and outdoors, as long as the metal is one that does not rust or tarnish easily. This particular sign material exudes a sophisticated and elegant appearance, and can be used for almost anything. People often choose this material for their custom signs if they want a sleek and professional looking sign. To keep signs made with metal looking as good as new, regular care with polish and protective coatings may be needed.


Engraved Plastic Sign

Plastic – one of the most versatile and most cost-effective of all three, plastic engraved signs can also be used indoors and outdoors, depending on the kind of plastic used. While regular maintenance can help make these signs last longer, people seldom concern themselves with such a task since plastic signs are inexpensive enough to have new ones made every now and then.