Custom Engraved Signs

Custom engraved signs are considered one of the most versatile sign choices you have. These can be used to create ADA compliant signs and non-compliant ones as well. You can also use a wide variety of materials for your engraved signage and use many different fonts and color combinations for this as well.

Depending on where you will use your engraved signs, you can choose from many different options for creating and customizing these. Where your signs will be used will eventually dictate what materials you will be able to use, what fonts are allowed and what other design elements are ideal for these. Your sign usage will also dictate whether or not these should conform to ADA standards or not.

When it comes to the materials that you can use for your custom engraved signs, the choices you have include plastics, metals and wood. The kind of material you decide on will depend on a number of factors, such as your budget, the kind of look you want your signs to have and, of course, ADA compliance issues. If your signs need to be ADA compliant, you might need to order signs made of plastic since these can be manufactured in the contrasting colors that is required for such signage.

For your fonts, if your signs do not need to be compliant with ADA standards, you can choose any font the sign manufacturer has programmed into their engraving machine. If these signs need to be within ADA guidelines, then you have to choose among the ADA approved fonts that are available. Your sign manufacturer will let you know what your options are for this, depending on what kind of sign you are ordering.

Engraving machines can also create signs with Braille and tactile letters on them since these are capable of gouging out the surrounding material instead of the letters for these signs to make these tactile. These machines can be pre-programmed to craft these signs easily and a raster Braille kit can be used to embed the beads needed to make the Braille translation on these signs compliant with ADA standards.

Mounting options are also rather numerous when it comes to customized engraved signs and this is due to the fact that some engraved signs can be used with brackets and holders. These particular signs are made to be interchangeable, with engraved sign inserts made with either metal or plastic crafted for such a purpose. These changeable signs are often used on desks and on doors, and show the name of the occupant for such a desk or room.