With the current sign making technology that is present these days, customizing signs to fit whatever preferences you have is really easy to do. This means that whatever designs you come up with, custom sign makers can easily create these for you. This brings about a question that some businesses may consider asking – would it be ideal for them to allow their employees to choose their own office door signs?

While some offices may allow something like this to happen, others find that having different sign designs used on different doors brings about a number of issues. First off, having different colors, fonts and designs used by different individuals on their doors will make the office look rather unprofessional. Aside from this, varying door sign designs can also make an establishment look rather comical and disorganized.

Having a single design for your office door signs not only makes your office look professional, but it also tells your employees that while they are indeed individuals, they are also a part of one big whole. The use of signs that are made in one core design also gives your office that clean and respectable air that you need. If the opinions and choices of your employees matter to you when making decisions like this, there are a few things you can do.

One of the things you can do is to have everyone come up with an idea for a sign design that they may want to have used by your office. You can then choose the best designs according to your vision for your business. Then you can have the employees vote on which of the final design options should be used by your establishment.

Another thing you can do is to hold a contest and have the employees vote on which of the sign designs they like best. While this may leave you with signs that you don’t necessarily like or approve of, this gives your workers a voice. The winning design will be the one that gets the most votes.

Sometimes, having people suggest sign designs for your custom office door signs may not be a good idea especially if you have ADA guidelines to consider. If you want employees to still have some input on what kinds of signs should be put on the doors in and around your office, you might want to set some guidelines for your people. Whether you hold a contest or choose the best signs from employee suggestions, specify from the very start that all signs need to meet ADA guidelines for you to be sure that all designs submitted are indeed ADA compliant.