Custom Office Door Signs

In customizing your office door signs, you need to be aware before any designs are approved, and signs are crafted, that these are subject to a number of rules set by the government. These rules are found in the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and are guidelines that should never be ignored lest you want to find yourself being fined or penalized for non-compliance. These guidelines however do not cover all kinds of door signs, with different sets of rules being made to cover different kinds of custom office door signs that should follow ADA standards.

When you need to customize the signs for your office doors, you should be aware of what rules to use for a specific type of door sign. For example, if you are customizing a permanent room door sign, you should be aware of all the rules that have to be followed to make this compliant. The same goes for all other door signs that you are planning on customizing for your office. To help you with this, here are some of the more common door signs used by offices and what you can customize for each one without neglecting to follow ADA rules:

Permanent Room Door Signs – these signs are probably one of the types of signs that need to follow a lot of rules when it comes to the ADA. Some of the rules that you need to adhere to when creating these signs include those that cover color contrasts, character size, fonts used and tactile characters. You may be wondering, if these signs need to follow so many rules, how can you customize these?

Well, customizing these signs can be easily done and you can stay within ADA guidelines at the same time by making sure that the choices you make are still in line with these regulations. For example, if you are to choose the two colors needed for your signs, make sure that these have the 70% contrast needed between the background and the characters for these to be compliant. This is regardless of the two colors that you actually choose.

Door Number Signs – numbers are often used by buildings and establishments that have numerous floors and rooms. These numbers help make locating specific rooms, facilities and offices easier since all you need to look for is the number, regardless of who or what is in that particular room. When it comes to door number signs, since these are considered permanent room signs as well, you will also need to follow the usual rules governing permanent room signs.

For the customization of these signs, you can customize the fonts used (provided these are sans serif and not in any fancy, hard to read form), the color combinations for background and characters, the size, and the shape. If you want fancy looking numbers for your door number signs, you can choose to have a second set of the same numbers attached to the door while the ADA compliant ones are mounted on the side of this same door at a height and spot that is compliant with ADA rules.

These are but a couple of the custom office door signs that you can have customized for your office. Most of the door signs you will find being used by businesses are often permanent room signs. Signs that carry the names of individuals using that particular office or room may not necessarily need to follow ADA standards since these are not considered permanent.

There are cases however where the business ordering such custom office door signs decide to have these follow the same rules that govern permanent room signs. This is in order to avoid any possible repercussions that may come with non-compliance, as well as to keep all the signs that they have in their office unified.

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