Custom Office Door Signs

Customizing signs for your offices need not be a daunting task, as long as you know which ones need to comply with ADA standards and which ones don’t. Since there are quite a few signs that do need to strictly follow such rules, planning your custom office door signs do need to be taken seriously. Not following these guidelines for accessibility set by the ADA can easily mean added costs for remaking signs to become compliant as well as possible penalties and fines, which you don’t want.

So, which custom office door signs do need to be ADA compliant and which ones don’t? There are quite a few signs that do need to follow ADA standards, especially if these are used indoors. Signs that are used to mark rooms that are considered permanent, or won’t change anytime soon, need to carry signs that are compliant. In fact, these very same signs need to carry certain ADA elements that are not found in other signs such as Braille translations and tactile letters.

Some of the signs that can be considered permanent room signs include conference room signs, bathroom signs and signs that are used for other rooms that have equipment that cannot be easily removed, such as kitchens and laboratories. While these are the signs that are required to follow most of the ADA rules set by the government for signage, these are not the only ones that need these elements. Other signs that need these same elements on them include life saving signs such as emergency exit signs and life saving equipment signs.

Some of the custom office door signs that you create may need to have these elements on them, although it is not necessary when it comes to door signs carrying the names of people on them. Room number signs and room designation signs (office, manager, etc.) may need to have tactile letters and Braille on them. Others simply need to have elements that can be found on almost all indoor signs, which include proper color contrasts, the right fonts, the right character size and non-glare finish.

In order for you to be able to get the right custom office door signs created with ADA compliant elements on them, you should know which signs these are. There are many signs that require these elements on them and you can find out what these are with the help of signage experts and sign designers.