ADA Compliant Custom Door Signs

Imagine this scenario. You finally come up with an amazing design for your new signs, and you have it approved by the higher-ups. You are excited about your custom office door signs, and start looking for manufacturers who can make these for your office. Then you come upon a snag in your plan. The manufacturer you consult with for the creation of your signs tells you that these need to be changed drastically since none of the designs you sent them will pass muster when it comes to compliance requirements.

While most signs these days are created with ADA compliance being part of the considerations, some people may forget such a thing is needed. This is why it is a good idea to be aware of the many rules surrounding office signs, and the many types that you need for your business, in order for you to be able to design these according to such rules. Knowing what regulations cover such signage will help you avoid the abovementioned situation, and will help you change how you think about signage designs.

Limitations can be found in almost anything, and sign designs for custom office door signs is not exempted from such a thing. The limitations you will get come in the form of features that you cannot use, fonts that are not right for these signs, additions that need to be made for these signs to be compliant, and so on. In order for you to avoid the disappointments that come with having your original design ideas revamped drastically to fit the guidelines set by the government, it might be a good idea for you to find out more about these guidelines for ADA compliant signs before you start sketching your signage designs.

If you feel that reading up on ADA rules for signage will eat up too much of your time, why not consult with a sign designer or a compliance expert on the matter? This move will help you talk about your ideas and have these tweaked to fit what the government mandates is needed before you go and have these designs approved by your company. You not only save yourself the time and effort of having to redo designs that have already been pre-approved for manufacture, but you also show your company that you have their best interests in mind since non-compliance can be quite a problem if not addressed as it should be.

You should be aware however that whatever limitations that the ADA has set for design signage is not only for the good of those with disabilities, but also for the companies these signs are to be used for. Since these signs will carry features that will make it easy for everyone to read and understand them, you are actually opening yourself up to more clients. You not only make signs that open you up to those who have disabilities, but also to those who are connected to these individuals in one way or another.

Suffice it to say that even when certain rules set by the government for your custom office door signs do make you rethink you designs, this is for the greater good. Everyone stands to gain from such design limitations, and that is a good thing.

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