Custom Plastic Signs

Plastic is a very versatile material to work with, which is why a huge number of signs are crafted using plastic. Custom plastic signs are often offered by most sign manufacturers and are considered one of the cheapest materials to work with as well. Which signs are often made with plastic and how are these usually customized?

Depending on the kind of plastic used, you can actually have both indoor and outdoor signs crafted using this material. Some plastics can withstand the changing weather conditions outdoors while others are only suited for indoor use. To help you further understand what plastic signs are usually customized and where these are used, here are some plastic types and what kinds of signs are made with them:

-      Acrylic – signs that are made using this particular plastic is often seen indoors since this particular material will warp when exposed for long periods of time in direct sunlight. These can be used outdoors if these are kept in the shade. Signs that use this particular material include informational and directional signs, indoor signs and restaurant signs. Menu signs can also be seen using this particular plastic. Signs made with acrylic can be mounted on walls using self-adhesive backing or screws and can be constructed to stand alone.

-      PVC – signs that are manufactured with Polyvinyl Chloride are also ideally used only indoors since this particular type of plastic can also warp and deform when exposed for long periods in the direct heat of the sun. Since PVC can be easily cut into a wide variety of shapes, these are often used to create logos for signs. These come in many different colors, making it highly ideal for custom signage needs. You can use this particular plastic for directional signs and informational signs as well. Mounting options include self adhesive backing, screws and framing or brackets.

-      Corrugated Plastic – this is one of the more durable plastics used for custom signage use and is often used for outdoor signage. This kind of plastic is often used for advertising signage, special events signs and promotional signage. This particular material can also be used to create informational and directional signage. Mounting options for signs made with this material usually depends on its usage, with indoor signage being mounted using screws, frames or hanging brackets and outdoor signage using posts, stakes or designed to be self supporting.