Restroom Signage

If you are wondering why you need to customize your restroom signage when these are usually subject to the strict guidelines of the ADA, then you may not know that there are actually a number of things you can customize on these signs. While restroom signs are indeed one of the signs that need to follow strict guidelines, this does not mean that you cannot customize these. There are some elements on these signs that can be tweaked and here are some of them:

Color Combinations – while you are required to have a 70% contrast for your ADA signs, you should know that you can play around with the colors you use to achieve such a contrast. You can choose to have a lighter or darker sign background as long as the copy is still within the 70% contrast required to make your signs compliant. There are a lot of color combinations that can be used for this, not just the usual white over black or white over blue choices that you find most people using.

In order for you to get the best options for your color combination choices, you should ask your sign maker for the list of color combinations that they have for ADA signs. You can also create your own combinations and ask your sign manufacturer if these contrasting colors you choose are within specifications for ADA signage. Some sign manufacturing sites also make choosing easier by giving you a drop-down menu that shows you what ADA compliant color contrasts are available for your custom signs.

Fonts – you can also choose what font to use for your restroom signage, although these are also subject to ADA rules. The fonts you will be able to choose from are those that are sans serif. There are still quite a number of fonts for you to choose from since there are a few of these that are considered ideal by the ADA.

One thing that you can do, if you want to use fonts that are not compliant with ADA standards, is to have a secondary sign with the kinds of fonts you want to use. This secondary sign can have the fancy letterings you want without getting you in trouble with compliance since you already have one sign that already complies with ADA guidelines.

These are but a couple of the customizable options you have when it comes to custom restroom signage. While it may seem that the choices you have are limited, with some careful design strategies and help from sign designers, you can actually come up with attractive looking restroom signs without having to violate any rules or laws.