Custom Restroom Signs

Not all custom restroom signs are created equal…or created the same, for that matter. While there are strict laws in the US dictating how restroom signs are supposed to look, other countries seem to have a certain freedom when it comes to creating their restroom signs. Some choose to go the artistic route while others choose to go the hilarious way, with each sign trying to impart the same message – that the room behind the door is a restroom for either males or females.

The different ways that establishments in many different countries try to show to people that a restroom is behind a particular wall or door can be categorized a few ways. Here are some of the general ideas and some examples of such categorizations:

-      How a particular gender pees – okay, so we all know that men generally pee standing up and women pee sitting down. This knowledge has been used by a number of establishments in a few countries to show people which door leads to the restroom for either gender. For example, a bathroom in Kathmandu, Nepal has signs on doors that state one is for those who stand and while the other is for those who sit. In Spain, a number of bathroom signs show either silhouettes of men and women sitting and standing on and near toilet bowls or images that show the same.

-      How a particular gender looks – men and women are built differently. This has led to the creation of restroom signs that show via different mediums whether a door leads to a ladies’ restroom or a men’s restroom. Some of the representations of these differences in the genitalia of men and women can be rather graphic while others are simply artistic. Some even use objects that are shaped like these private parts of both genders to show which door either should enter to answer the call of nature. For example, a bathroom in Hungary uses a drawing of a minaret to show men that that door leads to the men’s room and a drawing of two domed buildings signify that that particular door leads to the ladies’ room.

-      What each gender generally wears – some bathrooms in other countries actually use clothing to depict which door leads to which bathroom. These can be in the form of drawings, carvings and even actual clothing attached to the doors or beside the doors leading to these bathrooms. One example of such custom signage using clothing has a female thong and a male brief in frames on the doors of their respective bathrooms.