Restroom Signs

Restroom signs are everywhere and you can easily recognize these at first glance due to the rather commonplace features these have. The restroom signs that you see being used everywhere look all alike because of the fact that these need to follow very strict rules set by the government. If you take note of the colors being used for these signs, you will notice that these come in either white and blue, or blue and white. A few of these may come in black and white, or vice versa, but more often than not, the blue and white combo is what is usually utilized by many.

Contrary to popular belief, these signs are not stuck with these color combinations. The reason why most people go with these usual shades is probably because they think that bathroom signs do not need to look special or unique. In a sense, they are right, but this does not mean that you cannot customize these to fit your office’s color schemes, or to go with the same colors as what your other office signs are sporting.

You can actually customize the color combinations used on your bathroom signs, and yes, you can opt out of the usual blue and white combination that you see everywhere. You should remember however, that since bathrooms are permanent rooms, that the signs you use for these need to conform with the rules set by the ADA, and these include rules for color contrasts and color combinations used on these. Do not fret however since there are actually quite a lot of color combinations for you to choose from, as per the guidelines set by the ADA. As long as the character color and the background color have a 70% contrast between each other, you can use the color combo you choose.

What color combinations can be used on these signs apart from the usual blue and white? We already mentioned black and white, which is also an ADA approved combination. There are a few more though, and you can make your choices from the list that you can find here. As for the features that go onto these signs, you should always take note of the many rules that the ADA has for these signage. Some of the features you need to have on your custom bathroom signs, regardless of what color combinations you choose to use, include tactile characters and braille translations, and you also need to follow very specific rules for these as well.

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