Custom Restroom Signs

People always believe that when you’ve seen one restroom sign, you’ve seen them all. This is generally true since majority of the bathroom signs that you see around you are made to look almost identical with one another. If you do not want your restroom signs to look just like every other one that you see around you, then you should probably consider having custom ones made.

Not that many people think about customizing their restroom signs, and for a good reason. These signs are there to show people where the bathrooms can be found, and sometimes, people need to find these facilities in a hurry. If a company uses signs that are confusing or too unique for people to understand that these are bathroom signs, then they fail their purpose.

This does not mean however that you should not have custom restroom signs made. You can actually tweak your bathroom signs to still be easy to understand and be recognizable enough for people to know what these are for. What you simply need to do is to ask your sign designer and manufacturer to give you some advice on what you should customize on these signs.

One of the most commonly tweaked features of these signs is the color combination. You can use more than just then usual blue and white, or blue and black combos that most people use for their bathroom signage. There are actually quite a lot of colors for you to choose from, and you can go so far as to use the same color scheme for all your office signs when you tweak your custom restroom signage.

Another thing you can tweak is the pictogram on the sign. While people usually expect the standard male, female, and ISA symbol on these signs, you can actually use a revised and updated version of these pictograms. There are quite a few that you can choose from, with some being more artistic than others, and still a few more being funny or simpler than the originals.

You can also choose to use different fonts for your signs, just as long as these are sans serif ones. You can make your choice from the many sans serif fonts that your sign designer can present to you. These include such choices like Tahoma, Helvetica, Arial, Verdana, and Calibri, to name just a few.

So, if you want signs that people can still easily understand but are different from others around you, then you should definitely have these customized. Just make sure that you have an expert sign designer and manufacturer do these for you. This is to ensure that you are still installing signs that are compliant with the many rules that the government has set for signage.

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