Restroom Signs

You may have seen these a few times while browsing through the internet – custom restroom signs that are artistic, whimsical, funny or unique. You may have also wondered why most (if not all) of the bathroom signs you see in the US are not like these. The answer is actually pretty simple and can be given to you in three letters: ADA.

What does the ADA have to do with the creation of custom restroom signs in the US and why don’t establishments in this country have the freedom to create signs any which way they want? The guidelines set by the ADA for signage creation specifically requires establishments to use signs on permanent rooms and sanitary facilities that are readable and easy to understand by people with disabilities. This is why more often than not, while restrooms may be customized to a certain extent in the US, total free reign over the sign’s design is kind-of not allowed.

Custom Bathroom SignsOther countries have similar rules like the ADA in place, however not all countries are as stringent as the US when it comes to ADA guidelines. You can easily see unique signs in countries located in Europe, South America and Asia. While a number of the establishments in these countries do use ADA compliant signs, they are doing so not because of strict laws but because they want to help people with disabilities to easily understand these signs.

Some of the signs you can expect to see on the bathroom doors of other countries may include rather risqué designs, while others sport a sign with a more minimalistic design. Others may use signs that carry the usual bathroom pictograms you see everywhere, but with a little twist or addition to these. You can also find bathroom signs that carry rather hilarious images of people who need to use the bathroom and are trying to control their bladders.

Custom Restroom Signs

If you are a business owner in the US and are lamenting over your lack of design freedom, you should be happy to know that there are ways to work around such regulations. What some establishments in the US may not know is that, there are actually ways for them to exercise their designing freedom when it comes to ADA compliant signs like restroom signs. What they need to do is to create two signs for use with their restrooms – one that is compliant with ADA guidelines and another that lets them express their artistic sides. This may end up costing you a bit more, but it does get you to design a unique bathroom sign that is funny, whimsical, artistic or what-have-you.