Custom SignsComing up with the best custom sign designs for your business can be rather tricky, if you have no set ideas for what you want and need. This problem is easily remedied with the use of some tips and tricks that can help make decision making a breeze. Here are some of the things you might want to keep in mind:

 Location, location, location - knowing where a sign is supposed to go can help you on the right path towards deciding what kinds of signs to have customized. Where a sign is to be installed can help you focus on a number of factors that include durability, compliance, color and material.

Since some signs last longer than others, if you are to post a sign outdoors, the more durable types of signs should be considered. If you are to post these signs indoors, then less durable materials can be used for putting together these signs.

The same can be said about compliance issues and location. Some signs need not be ADA compliant while others have to strictly adhere to the laws that are covered by this act and compliance is often based on where these signs are to be installed. This factor will also dictate what kinds of designs you can and cannot use for certain signs you need for your establishment.

Care When Choosing Color Combinations – while you may want certain colors used for your signs, you will need to exercise some care in your selection for a number of reasons. One of the reasons you need to consider is, again, ADA compliance.

You need to have signs that are not only good to look at and are in colors that you like, but are also in color combinations that are in line with ADA standards. This can be easily achieved as long as you follow the 70% contrast rule and the non-glossy/non-glare background that is mandated by the government.

You can choose to have a light background with dark letters or a dark background under lighter shaded letters. As long as the colors look tasteful together, and are in compliance with ADA rules, your sign will be okay.

Keep it Simple – there is a reason for putting up signs, and that is to inform people of something. Whether it is to inform them of an office’s location, occupant or what a room is used for, keeping it simple will help you come up with easy-to-read signs that are also tastefully designed. Overly complicating a custom sign design not only defeats its main purpose since these will be difficult to read, but it will also go against certain ADA standards.