Custom Signage

When people need to customize their signs, while still staying compliant with signage rules, they sometimes find themselves confused about the rules that they should follow when it comes to their signage needs.  Confusion is but natural since not everyone is that well versed when it comes to ADA signs and customization. Here are some myths and the truths that debunk such myths about custom signage and ADA compliance:

-      All of your custom signs need to be ADA compliant – while majority of your custom signs do need to follow ADA guidelines, there are a number of signs that are exempt from the rules set by the ADA for signage. Some of the custom signs that need to follow ADA guidelines include permanent room signs, overhead signs and directional signs. Not all of these signs have to follow all of the same rules though, with some needing to follow more rules than others.

-      ADA compliant signs cannot be totally customized therefore these will be ugly – ADA compliant signs need not be unattractive, contrary to popular belief. While you do need to comply with rules set by the government for these signs, you can actually have really good looking signs with the help of sign designers who are adept at creating attractive signs that are also compliant. With the latest sign making technology at your fingertips, custom signs that are also well designed can now be crafted easily.

-      Custom exterior signs are exempted from ADA rules – some exterior signs are indeed exempted from certain ADA rules, however some of these signs still have to follow ADA guidelines. Signs that are used to show the name of the company or building need not be ADA compliant but some other signs, like directories and permanent room signs (such as those that are used to show people where restrooms can be found in these places outside) need to follow ADA compliance rules.

These are but a few of the myths that plague custom signage. You can easily customize your signs without any worries about compliance issues or not getting the kind of sign you want by consulting with signage experts who know what to do about customized signs.