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Customizing your signs is a must when you have specific copy that needs to go on your signs. This is also necessary when you want to have signs that are different from the ones that other companies use, as well as when you want your signs to complement your office’s décor. Whatever the reason for the need for custom signage, you will first need to ascertain what options you have when it comes to the creation of unique signs that you can use for your business.

When ordering anything that needs to be customized, one of the things you need to ask about is the choices you have in terms of customization. Can you choose the color combinations for your signs? Do they have a wide variety of materials for you to choose from? How about signage mounting choices? The list can go on. You should be aware however, that not all sign manufacturers offer the same options as others. This is why inquiring about what you can do to your signs before placing an order is needed.

Some of the options that most signage makers will present you with include the following:

Material options – this is one of the most common options available to you when you order custom signs. You can find a list of material choices at your fingertips most of the time when you check out the options these businesses have for you, unless of course if a manufacturer or website is exclusively for plastic signs, or metal signs. You can find sign makers also offering signs that can be made with a combination of materials, like wood on metal, plastic on glass, metal on plastic, and so on. Some even have different types of woods, plastics, and metals for you to choose from.

Color combination options – if you are having indoor signs made, chances are, you will need to choose colors for your sign background, as well as for your signage characters, and the choices you make have to conform to ADA rules. Since the ADA states that these signs need to have a 70% color contrast, you will need to make sure that your signs come in two colors, a dark one and a light one. You can opt for a light copy over dark background, or dark copy over light background for this. Just make sure that the color combination is well within guidelines.

Size options – another choice you have to make when customizing signs is the size of your signs. Size options can be somewhat limited for some sign makers, with size customization options being offered in specific dimensions only. Others however can offer totally custom sizes (and shapes for that matter), with a set smallest possible size and biggest possible size for their signs.

Sign copy – when you customize what goes onto your signs, which is essentially the reason why custom signs are made available in the first place, you will be made to choose from a list of options as well. Font selection, text size, with or without pictogram, with or without border, and even the placement of these choices are all part of the things you need to decide on. When you do put together your signs, you need to consider the rules that you need to follow for these, if what you are creating are ADA compliant signs.

These are just a few of the custom signage options you have when ordering custom signs from sign makers. You should ask your favorite sign manufacturer for their list of custom options for custom signs in order for you to know what limitations, if any, you have when designing these signs.

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