Custom Signage

Custom signage is a choice people have when they want to have unique signs for their establishments. While the term “custom” generally means made-to-order, it does not mean that whatever you want to go on these signs are allowed. As with most other custom products out there, custom signs need to conform to certain norms even when these are customized to suit a client’s requirements and preferences.

If you are thinking of ordering custom signage for your business, it is best if you know which parts of these signs you can customize and which parts need to conform to set standards. Since signage is subject to the rules that the ADA has set for accessibility, there are some things that you cannot remove or use on a sign. You should also be aware that what can be customized for indoor signs may not be the same options you have for outdoor signs, so it is ideal that you ask a sign expert for advice regarding such customization choices.

When you customize outdoor signage, you should know that there are limitations when it comes to the kinds of materials you can use for this. Since outdoor signs are exposed to the elements, you cannot use materials that are not resistant to the effects of such an exposure. Materials that can survive outdoors include metals like aluminum and stainless steel, stone, and some plastics. Not all plastics can be used outdoors since some of these are prone to warping when exposed to the heat of the sun.

Indoors, you have a wider array of materials to choose from however, careful consideration is still needed when it comes to material choices. This is due to the fact that even when indoors, some signs can still get exposed to the rays of the sun and may fade or warp due to this constant exposure. Some of the materials that may change and suffer from damage if exposed to direct sunlight even if these are mounted indoors include wood, PVC and other types of plastic.

For your design options, you will need to find out what elements need to go on your signs to make these compliant with ADA standards. While you generally have the freedom to craft signs according to your taste, you still need to do so while following guidelines set by the ADA for accessibility. If you are not sure what these are, you might want to check out an earlier post we made regarding these specific guidelines.