Custom Signs

While most signs that are customized are used for official purposes, who says you cannot have custom signs made for selling as decorative novelty items? You can actually have signs made for many things, and for selling as decorative pieces and fun giveaways is one such reason. These can then be sold online via a Facebook page that you create, or a storefront that you put up for just such an idea.

How do you create custom signs that can be sold as decorative and fun items that people will want to buy? You need to think creatively and to find out what kinds of signs people will want to hang on their walls in their rooms, dens, and other locations. For instance, some people love collecting signs that look like standard signs but have rather funny messages on them. Some people also collect signs that look like regular signs but have quotes or sayings on them.

What you need to do in order to create saleable novelty signs is to find out what types of messages people like having on sign materials and what they like having on their walls. These custom signs can carry anything from a zodiac sign with their inherent personality traits, to religious quotes, to funny sayings, to witty messages that can make a person think. These custom signs can also be made to carry a person’s name on it, although you may need to have some of the most commonly used names printed on these to make these sell.

Another thing you can do is to create a portal that allows people to customize the signs they want for whatever purpose they may have for these (giveaways for special events, gifts for the holidays, decorations for a themed room, etc.) then you can take their specifications and have these custom made for them. You can then ship these out to your customers once these are delivered to you by your chosen sign maker. You simply need to find a sign manufacturer that you can trust with your custom orders and your designs.

There are quite a lot of things you can do with custom signs, and not just for an official, wayfinding way. You just need to find ideas that can be used with signage and can help you create a business for yourself. When you do find an idea worth running with, you can then put up a storefront online, or start small by advertising your wares via a Facebook page.

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